Dear Colleagues, 

You are cordially invited to Poland where annual convention of gynaecology and obstetrics „ENTOG Scientific Meeting: Reproductive Health and Prenatal Testing in Europe” takes place this year. The convention is the most important event that is being held and organised by ENTOG. This year we have the pleasure to be the host of the event in Poland. 

The event will last five days. During the first three days the participants will be assigned in pairs to a specific hospital in different cities where under the cautious and caring eyes of their colleagues from Poland they will have the possibility to observe Polish specialists at work. Additionally, they will gain knowledge about Polish health care system and the applying rules. The main goal of that experience is to standardize and enhance standards of higher education in Europe. Moreover, it is also a wonderful opportunity to enable the exchange of experiences between gynaecologists and obstetricians.

For the culmination of the convention I have the great pleasure of inviting you to the conference that will be held in the heart of Poland – our capital – Warsaw. The participation in the conference gives everyone an opportunity to listen to interesting lectures, to take part in practical workshops, to exchange experiences in international environment, as well as, to integrate better with colleagues from Poland. 


We look forward to seeing you in Warsaw, 

Prof. Mirosław Wielgoś



The conference starts in:



Hotel Arche Krakowska, Warszawa



logo-consulting.jpg ul. Narbutta 83 lok. 3G, 02-924 Warszawa 

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